ADDitions Volunteers

We are always looking for interested parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who can provide a few hours of community service to our students. There are many opportunities to peak your interest. You might want to join us in the media center helping our students chose their next favorite author. Perhaps your skills in a foreign language can help a student struggle to learn your native tongue. We are always looking for professionals to spend the day with us on Teach-In in November where you can spread the word about your career and what our students need to be doing now to be marketable in the future.

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ADDition's Documents:

All volunteers must complete a Volunteer Training class.  Class dates:
August 19th at 8:45am
August 21st at 8:45am
August 27th at 8:45am
August 29th at 8:45am
September 3rd at 5:30pm
September 5th at 4:00pm
September 10th at 8:30am

You may also email our ADDitions coordinator Ms Miller at [email protected] or 407-532-7930 ext. 379-2703