Art Club

Pinewood Art Club

Mrs. Taunton


Who:  Students in 4th and 5th Grades
When:  Thursdays:  2:30-3:30 p.m.

artistic heart

In Art Club, students have the opportunity to participate in various art projects, school projects and volunteer opportunities. Students must arrange for their own transportation home at 3:30.

Art club gives students the chance to enhance their artistic skills and work on projects that they are not able to do during their scheduled art class during the school day.

Example projects:


Stage Craft – Students will be able to create sets for school performances, such as the winter show, spring show and black history show.

Plaster masks – students will apply plaster on their face to make a cast and create any character they want!

Special Projects – students will help with special activities, such as the school beautification project where they helped paint the mural in the cafeteria!

 Painting the mural

 Painting the Mural in the Cafeteria

Painting the muralMask - PeaceMask Hands Up