Ms. Lorena Taunton

Contact Info ● Email: [email protected] ● Phone: 407.532.7930 ext. 3792512


The visual arts program is based on the National Art Standards, Sunshine State Standards and Benchmarks in Art for K - 2 and 3 - 5. These include: Skills and Techniques, Creation and Communication, Cultural and Historical Connections, Aesthetic and Critical Analysis, and Applications to Life. Our focus is learning and using the Elements of Art: line, shape/form, color, value, texture and space, in an experiential based curriculum. Evaluation (progress reports/report cards) is based on participation, cooperation and effort - not particularly on artistic ability.

Art leads to success in all subjects! In Art, students learn to work with various tools, processes, and media. They learn to coordinate their hands and minds in explorations of the visual world. Fine arts allows children to collaborate with one another and build on communication skills with their peers. They learn to make choices that enhance communication of their ideas, and tap into their creativity which will not only help them in art, but all subjects alike.

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