House System

                   The Pinewood House System

Welcome to another great year at Pinewood Elementary. This is the second year of implementation for our school-wide “House System” that fosters community for all Pinewood students and staff members. The House System is built on every student and staff member being sorted into one of six houses, or teams. These houses are named after each of the character traits we hope to embody as a school community. This system encourages students and staff to live out these positive characteristics on a daily basis by awarding points to students when positive behaviors are portrayed. Those points are tallied weekly and awarded to the houses. House points are displayed around the school, so students know the position of each house in the standings. We are very excited to continue recognizing when students give their best each day at school.


What are the names of the houses?
 Alegre - Happiness (Yellow House)  Tekun Determined (Orange House)
 Wesazi Scholarship (Blue House)  Aji Byen Kindness (Purple House)
 Magalang Respect (Black House)  Ansanm Unity (Red House)



How will my child(ren) be sorted?
Students will be sorted into one of the six houses on the first week of school or when they are enrolled at Pinewood. Students’ houses are selected at random and cannot be chosen by students or parents. House sorting is meant to be a surprise in order for the students to be excited! Students remain in their same house from grade to grade.

How do students earns points?
Students earn points by displaying positive behaviors, strong character, and the ability to make wise choices, such as showing respect, displaying acts of kindness, using manners, cooperating in teams, and so much more! Students may not ask for points, but will be awarded when noticed by a teacher or staff member on campus.